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It is well known that September has to come with news and, if this summer I had announced the name change, it was logical that there would also be a domain change and, in the process, I am taking the opportunity to renew the website and make it more comfortable for everyone.

You will find many new things: a little corner where I have collected all my abbreviations in case you ever need them... another where I will leave you shortcuts to my videos on different techniques... this blog...

Imagine for a moment the amount of work it takes to adapt all my patterns to my new image, build this website, continue offering you news and, in addition, continue with the rest of the things I do (classes, the podcast, content for my networks and others). If you're already overwhelmed, don't worry!! Because I have found a way to make a progressive and fun change for everyone, so I don't get overwhelmed wanting to get there right now and we play "hunt for news" for a little while. Shall I tell you?

In principle you will not see all my patterns on this new website; The patterns will appear as they are ready, styled and beautiful for this new stage.

On day 1 of its appearance, each pattern will enter with a 40% discount.

Day 2 will have 30%

On day 3 20%

On day 4 10%

And on the 5th it will appear with its original price as if nothing had happened and it will also permanently disappear from the old website.

The only place from which I will notify of these appearances/disappearances will be from my telegram channel (if you want to join click here ) but you can always keep an eye on the website and take a look in case.

Another new feature is that this website is linked to Ravelry, so if you make your purchases from here (I know that many of you like it better) you can also automatically add them to your Ravelry library... are we or are we not improving?

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