Quién soy / Who am I

... 4 paragraphs

Hello World!!!

I'm Ines Garcia, knitting designer, content creator, design and kitting teacher, tech editor... everything about knitting you can imagine, I´m in.

Design has always been my thing ... I studied fashion design. Before that, I did pattern making and sewing for 3 years and, by the way, I got a degree in dressmaking... I have worked for renowned designers and, as a curious fact, I have a master's degree in accessory design (I know something about jewelry, a lot of making headdresses and I am a machine with the technical sheets of shoes and bags)

Knitting has always been there, reminiscences of my grandmother... I restart knitting during my degree and it was instantly love. In fact, my two thesis included knitted designs and my previous brand (@sheepdays) was born at my master's degree.

Last paragraph for more mundane things: I'm shy but I hide it, stubborn for good, so honest and very very creative. FINISH.

Presentation done!!!

Did I miss something??? Do you have any questions???