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This is a top-down shirt; you'll work flat along the depth of the armholes (until the front meets the back) and then you'll work in the round for body and sleeves.

You'll use a provisional cast on method to begin, then you'll continue by shaping the neckline using german short rows and you'll work along the shoulders using a sequence of rows with increases that will form a cute lace work parallel to the shoulder line of the back and the front.

You'll leave a gap in the center front for the placket bands (the buttonband and the eyelets band); you will work on them at the end.

Once you have achieved the desired shoulder width, you'll begin to work the fronts separately (then joined together to form the gap where the placket bands will be worked) and the back along the depth of the armhole.

Continue with the body casting on stitches in the armhole area and work in the round over the back and front stitches. Work all stockinette stitch down to the desired length and prevent the bottom from rolling up by working a few rounds in mid-twisted rib (we only twist the knits).

For sleeves you'll pick up stitches along the entire armhole and shape the cup using, again, german short rows, then work in the same way as the body: all stockinette stitch down to the desired length and prevent the hem from rolling up by working a few rounds in mid-twisted rib.

Finally, work the placketbands and the neckline band: pick up stitches to work twisted rib (in this we twist the knits and also the purls) on the left band, the buttons one; then cut the yarn and work the same for right band, the buttonholes one. From there, continue working the neckline: recover the stitches from the provisional cast-on, leaving an odd number of stitches (one less than the cast on indicate) and pick up stitches over the two placket bands to work this last twisted rib for a beauty neckline end.


In the pattern you will find videos of all the techniques used.

SKILLS: Intermediate

SIZES: 1 (2, 3, 4) [5, 6, 7] {8, 9, 10}

Recommended ease: from 10 to 20 cm / 4 to 8" of positive ease.

Model shown: size 4 with 20 cm / 8" of positive ease.

90, 97, 105.5 (112, 121, 127.5) [134.5, 141, 149] {155.5, 162.5, 169.5} cm
35.5, 38.25, 41.5 (44, 47.75, 50.25) [53, 55.5, 58.75] {61.25, 64, 66.75}"


Feliz y Punto, La Pura; 100% Bourette silk, 100 g, 480 m / 3.52 oz, 525 yd.
COLOUR: Clay-Rust.

134, 145, 157 (167, 180, 190) [201, 210, 222] {232, 242, 253} g
643, 696, 754 (802, 864, 912) [964, 1008, 1066] {1114, 1162, 1214} m
703, 761, 825 (877, 925, 997) [1054, 1102, 1166] {1218, 1271, 1328} yd
2, 2, 2 (2, 2, 2) [2-3*, 3, 3] {3, 3, 3} skeins

* For size 7 you will spend two full skeins and you may need a little bit of a third. If you prefer to adapt a little to keeping a practically whole skein, buy two skeins and reduce one row in the body or sleeves, for example. If you are going to want it even a little longer, you will definitely need the extra skein.


3.25 mm / 80 cm  [US 3 / 32”]

3.25 mm / 23 cm  [US 3 / 9”] for sleeves.

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